"Where is my package?" We hear you say... Just ask Alexa!

"Where is my package?" We hear you say... Just ask Alexa!

We are bettering our customer service and parcel tracking for all customers arranging payment for your favourite tipples via the secure integrated Amazon Pay service.

Shop as normal and browse for the items you are looking to purchase. Once you've added all the items to your basket make sure at the next stage you choose Amazon Pay as your preferred payment method. Once your payment is complete Alexa will take over and keep you informed with information such as the whereabouts of your tipples package as well as the exact location at any given time. Alexa will even alert you of the expected arrival date and time of your package and when you'll expect it to reach your front door.

Just remember to arrange your payment through Amazon Pay at the checkout and Alexa will provide you with updates on your parcel's tracking service and the progress of the delivery. It's that simple! Now... Just kick back, relax and allow Alexa to carry out the tracking of your package for you.

Happy shopping!

3rd Jun 2021

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