Tenjaku Japanese Whisky, 70cl

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  • Tenjaku Japanese Whisky, 70cl
  • Tenjaku Japanese Whisky, 70cl whisky over ice
  • Tenjaku Japanese Whisky, 70cl master blender
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Tenjaku translates as “Ten” (Sky) and “Jaku” (Lark), a much-loved herald of spring in Japan. Created in the city of Fuefuki in the Yamanashi prefecture, the home of Mount Fuji. Unlike other Japanese whiskies, Tenjaku is of 100% Japanese origin. Blended with naturally volcanic filtered water from the Misaka mountain range, which gives Tenjaku a distinctive velvety smooth mouthfeel, making it an easy whisky to drink.

The ambery coloured whisky has a slightly sweet aroma with notes of pear, dried fruit and a hint of smokiness. Very well-balanced and mellow on the palate with a spreading sweetness to finish.

  • 100% AUTHENTIC JAPANESE WHISKY: Expertly selected, completely distilled and aged in Japan. Tenjaku is an exceptionally smooth, easy-to-drink and well balanced whisky
  • MADE FROM NATURE: Carefully selected unprocessed whiskies and pure, natural spring water are expertly blended to maintain and protect perfected flavours, which is the art of the Tenjaku blend
  • GOLD MEDAL WHISKY: Created by renowned whisky Master Blender Kenji Watanabe using a delicate blending technique unique to Japan. Tenjaku received a 91 rating and a gold medal from the World's Best Known Beverage Testing Institute in 2020
  • GREAT TO SIP: With a crisp and vibrant flavour, Tenjaku is perfect for sipping but also has versatile appeal and can be used to create exceptional cocktails

Try the following divine drink using this whisky.

Mizuwari Pronounced ‘Miz-ooo-wah-wee’. Translates as ‘cut with cold (soda) water’. A long refreshing highball on ice which is often served at mealtimes in Japan as a low alcohol alternative to beer or wine. Enjoy!

  • 1 part Tenjaku 
  • 3 parts Soda water 
  • Ice Citrus peel of choice to garnish –Lemon/Grapefruit/Orange

ABV. 40%

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